*Will there be a goalie trainer available?

Yes, there is ALWAYS a goalie trainer available, except during the Winter Futsal Clinic.

*If my child’s team does not attend, will they be playing with players of their caliber?

Players are always placed according to their skill level and age.

*Is there a discount for siblings attending concurrently?

Yes, please email Laurie at smark11855@aol.com for more information.

*Do they work on skills, as well as team play?

Footskills are absolutely emphasized. Small games, as well as team play is incorporated during the season.

*For an outdoor camp, what happens in the event of rain?

In the event of rain at an outdoor camp, a determination will happen on site. If camp is called due to weather, we try to make up that time during the week, if possible. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the weather and will try to play unless absolutely impossible.

*For an indoor camp, how big are the facilities?

We have 2 full size gyms available for indoor camp that break down into four smaller gyms.

*When is next camp? When can I find out about the spring/summer camps?

We run 5-6 camps a year depending on time and demand of the players. The winter futsal skills clinic runs from January through February and is held at Smithtown East High School. The spring clinic is shooting/goalkeeping clinic, which is always the week of Easter Break. We also hold 4 camps over the summer: college prep camp, skills camp, shooting/goalkeeping clinic and pre-season camp. The college prep camp runs from the end of June until August. The skills camp and shooting/goalkeeping clinic are held in July. The pre-season camp runs in the beginning of August right before the high school and LIJ season begins.